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Matty Johns Podcast with Cooper Cronk


First Grade
Just wondering how many people have been watching this? The rugby league analysis is outstanding. It’s so different to anything else of this type. Some have tried before, but only did it/ do it for about 5 minutes as part of a panel show or pre-post game show. It doesn’t rely on gimmicks & is very easy-pace to watch - others seem rushed & try to cram in too much in a few minutes for fear of losing viewers with a short attention span.


Watched last nights, the analysis of the half backs play in the finals games was outstanding. One of the best NRL things I've watched this year, though the bar is low!

It was excellent; gosh I wish they would do more shows like this rather than the shallow, agenda-driven nonsense that usually gets dished up.
This is really my only must-watch RL TV show now, occasionally 100% Footy when I can be bothered staying up.


I enjoyed the way it was broken down in a detailed and technical way. Imagine trying to watch 26 players with all this in mind. No wonder Cronk stutters in live commentary!
Cronk gets some stick in certain quarters but he's very smart and so much better than most of the other dribblers in the media.

And Matty's ok when he sticks to the footy, memories and nostalgia but when he tries to be a comedian....oh dear, not for me.
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