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Melbourne Storm alleged incident

The NRL has been made aware of a video on social media that allegedly shows Melbourne Storm players in a room where there is a white substance on a table.

Nine journalist Danny Weidler tweeted, "(it's) too early to say investigation launched", but the integrity unit has been notified.

"Having seen the video it's not a great look," Weidler said.

"Another concern is they have been betrayed by people in the room with them."

News Corp reports the video shows two Storm players in a room which has at least six people in it, including the person filming.

The Storm were bundled out of the premiership race on Saturday in a 10-6 loss to Penrith.

MOD NOTE: Do not post the video, and do not name names.
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I get it’s not a good look but what has become of society where putting things up on social media knowing fully well of the implications and ramifications it will have on blokes lives, who should know they are in the spot light.


Post Whore
The concern about betrayal part makes me laugh.
If you're dumb enough to do something illegal in front of witnesses then you deserve to get caught.

I fully expect the salary cap whistleblower is in witness protection in Geneva RN, knowing full well Martina would happily drop them in Port Phillip Bay with a lovely pair of New York-style concrete boots if he caught them.

I can totally see the Storm caring more about who leaked it than what was on the tape.


Such a shame someone has filmed that and released that. But I’m more disappointed in these two. What a damn shame.


Storm don't get into the GF? F**k everyone if we can't be there.

BTW, NRL Tonight..nothing.
30 minutes into NRL 360...nothing.

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