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Melbourne Storm alleged incident

The NRL has been made aware of a video on social media that allegedly shows Melbourne Storm players in a room where there is a white substance on a table.

Nine journalist Danny Weidler tweeted, "(it's) too early to say investigation launched", but the integrity unit has been notified.

"Having seen the video it's not a great look," Weidler said.

"Another concern is they have been betrayed by people in the room with them."

News Corp reports the video shows two Storm players in a room which has at least six people in it, including the person filming.

The Storm were bundled out of the premiership race on Saturday in a 10-6 loss to Penrith.

MOD NOTE: Do not post the video, and do not name names.
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First Grade
I'm pro-legalising a lot of recreational drug use.

But let's be adults, and stop this childish "it's not hurting anyone" line.

If you think the manufacture, distribution and supply of Class As "hurts no- one" you're a gullible idiot.
So does making mobile phones, clothes, lotsa stuff. Poor people get f**ked over so we can have nice things.


Standards slipping without Cam Smith there. In addition to their departures this off season do not be shocked if they miss out on the 8 next year.
Can Smith probably took and circulated the footage to feed his ego and feed the agenda that he was the most important cog in the storm machine.

And I'm tipping this shit went on under his watch but was done in a better controlled environment.


Bromwich and Proctor got caught while on international duty during Smiths days - of course it goes on, it’s rife, they’re just not usually dumb enough to do it in front of strangers who’ll video them and release it.
Clubs have nutritionists who give advice on how to ‘flush’ your system quickly, knowing that players may need to do that.

Perth Red

Any other year with Cammo, you guys would have been in the gf.
Maybe, maybe not. Cam couldnt stop the merkins around him from dropping balls or throwing stupid passes.
Still minor premiers, record equaling run and prelims. If thats as far as we drop without 3 of all the all time best it aint too far! Eels and Knights are still trying to get back up after there fall when there GOATS retired decades ago.

Mark B

Ex New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter made people put their phones in basket if he was having a party etc. If you couldn’t be without your phone, no entry. That applied to everyone who was there.

I reckon it might start happening here.
Jeter and his brand is valued in the tens of millions. He can afford the staff and Ray Donovan type of fixers. Munster and Cheese could not afford to have 24/7 protection from their own stupidity.


First Grade
They access it so easily. I’ve looked everywhere and all I seem to be able to get is a Covid jab.


See, I never understood the hype around Anchorman. I mean sure there are a few chuckles in it, but I never got the way people crapped on about it like it was THE comedy movie of the decade...

Stepbrothers though....that movie is hilarious no matter how many times you watch it.
One of the most non-funny people of his generation. The producers of The Office (US) wasted their money on that flop. Nothing even slightly amusing about his cameo at all.

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