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My thoughts on the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal


I'm annoyed that this topic has been brought up again. It's been 14 years, can we just cop the L and move on?


I do feel sorry for the Storm players through this period.

It was never explained to them why they all signed 2 contracts, had boats and caravans arrive in their driveways, when they never paid or requested these.

They were totally oblivious and uniformed by their Board.

Sarcasm isn't one of your strengths, Sunshine.


As a Melbourne Storm supporter, I'm always hearing non-stop about the salary cap scandal and how Parramatta and Manly were cheated out of Premierships (Mind you, the Storm were clearly the better side in both Grand Finals, but don't let facts get in the way of a good whinge).

When the salary cap scandal broke, all of the controversy surrounding it led me to one conclusion.

If the NRL wasn't directly involved, they knew it was happening.

I say this because I find it VERY hard to believe that the Storm was able to get away with what they did, for as long as they did, without people asking questions. I think it's also safe to say that David Gallop and the higher ups at that time knew more than they were letting on.

Which is why the punishment imposed on the Storm wasn't about serving justice. It was about putting the kibosh on it as quickly as possible so questions wouldn't be asked.
The Storm are a cancer on the game and the correct punishment at the time would have been to deregister the cheating purple scumbags and burn every ugly filthy purple jersey ever made, preferably while Cameron Smith was wearing one of them.