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Name the most random NRL player you can think of


Post Whore
1. Ronald Prince
2. Brett Anderson
3. Junior Langi
4. Taulima Tautai
5. Wise Kativerata
6. Jeremy Smith
7. Andrew McFadden
8. Corey Pearson
9. Shayne Dunley
10. Justin Tsoulos
11. Matt Ryan
12. Chris Muckert
13. Lee Hopkins

/vomits violently

myrrh ken

First Grade
You could make a team from the current squads:

1. Dean Ieremia
2. Jacob Kiraz
3. Aaron Schoupp
4. Billy Smith
5. Dominic Young
6. Paul Turner
7. Lachlan Ilias
8. Sean Keppie
9. Chris Randall
10. Max King
11. Chris Lewis
12. Sam McIntyre
13. Josh Curran
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