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Negative ONLY thread


First Grade
well there you go, Jack Bird is 2nd in the nrl missed tackle offenders, Norman at 5, hunt at 6 , sims at 11, Lawrie and Kerr 24 and 25

Ramsey our worst in errors followed Jack Bird again our worst in errors, yup Kerr in there as well

Re Bird
I can cop errors this year in his 1st year back for a while due to the good stuff he does and efforts he puts in to get us going
Ramsay too, his errors come from lack of support trying to catch the ball , admittedly sometimes not under pressure
He will improve that no doubt
Halves always be up high because they get the bigger blokes running at them all the time
Norman / Kerr no excuse
But to keep this thread alive
F%#^ we are useless and the worst team in attack in the comp


Norman is average at best and Burns doesn’t seem to be a first grader. That is all.
Everytime I see Burns play its like he doesn't give a F**k just going through the motions and shows no emotion as well ...... but could turn out ok with more game time .....

Blood Shot Eyes

First Grade
There are a number of players that I had very high hopes for but have lost confidence in.

Cody Ramsey, from what I’ve seen so far he has a telegraphed goose step and is a decent finisher if handed to him on a platter. That’s about it. Gets rag dolled. Doesn’t go looking for work, wouldn’t make any other NRL teams starting side.

Josh Kerr, hands like feet, overruns the play all the time, just too error ridden, liability in defence. Needs a stint in reserve grade.

Jack Bird is a huge asset to us but geez he can make lazy errors as well. Inconsistent.

Blake Lawrie, just when you think we have a good prop here he goes on a 6 again throw away streak and almost single handedly loses us games. So frustrating.

McCulloch, how is this bloke going to look in 2023 if he already looks old and slow. Very one dimensional hooker.

Every year we are talking about next year.
Next year we will be better! Next year we have a better roster. Next year we will show them! Yeah right.
Like TruSaint said.....I cant argue with any of that either....except to add hows McCullough going to look in 2022 let alone 2023.....does more than his share of tackling but not an 80 min hooker imo...adds very little to our go forward very slow and predictable unfortunately


First Grade
This is a big call BLM01 and if this is the case, the last premiership that I will have seen us win was in 2010. The 2030's I'm not too sure I will be around. Now that is being negative!
No that is just a fact of life. I may not be here before my next post or in the next minute if you want look at things negatively.

Dragon David

No that is just a fact of life. I may not be here before my next post or in the next minute if you want look at things negatively.
Very true. Just as we cannot predict what is around the corner or the winning numbers in next Thursday's $40M Powerball or how many gold medals we will win in the 2021 Olympics and if we can make the final 8 in 2021.