Nene McDonald - This isn't going to be popular!

Discussion in 'St George Illawarra Dragons' started by RedV Resurgence, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Don’t be silly - much like Field in 2017, it doesn’t matter if he’s played 0 games against full grown men or that there are more developed options ahead of him vying for his position. Get on the hype train, dammit!!!

    Seriously though, it’s a valid point and one that many in here are overlooking. Little is gained from Lomax starting the year in first grade. He’s got a very high ceiling but he should be starting in reserve grade and coming through to first grade via the wing, with a plan to cement a wing spot by Rd1 2019 and move to centres or fullback in 2020. For 2018, I think Herbert deserves first crack as a backup centre and wouldn’t be surprised if Garrick is also ahead as a winger.
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