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New NRL conference system proposal


This smacks of another administrator wanting to leave a legacy.

Look, I don't mind two conferences but come semi-final time, all 8 finalists need to be combined into one series.

Just how this would be structured would be up for debate but at least its then feasible for any team to play any other team on grand final day...


First Grade
Don’t like it
we will never get those Sydney rivalry grand finals we so much enjoy
it’ll be a boring out of Sydney team likely Melb for the next 10 yrs versus Sydney team grand final
More justification to keep Melb as a NRL franchise in a AFL city

Slippery Morris

First Grade
If this goes ahead then Origin may be next. Instead of NSW v QLD it will be the best of Conference 1 v Best of Conference 2.

I don't mind it to be honest my only thing I would change is the finals format. I would have top 4 of each conference play each other in a finals system so you can see possibly 2 Sydney teams or QLD teams in a final. With this current format there is no chance.

Finals should be 1st in each conference play 4th in other conference. 2nd plays 3rd and vice versa in a knock out format.

Game 1 - Conf A 1st v Conf B 4th
Game 2 - Conf B 1st v Conf A 4th
Game 3 - Conf A 2nd v Conf B 3rd
Game 4 - Conf B 2nd v Conf A 3rd

Week 2

Winner of Game 1 v Winner of Game 3
Winner of Game 2 v Winner of Game 4
This way teams that finish 1st in each conference can meet in the final.

Both winners
In the event of a draw, no extra time, have a replay seeing finals series is 1 week shorter than now or play the final over 2 legs home and away.

It is better than what we have now as some teams play last years top 8 twice and others only play 5 of them twice.


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How about we scrap the conference system proposal
Let’s scrap mimicking the States for a change
why don’t we scrap the trials
keep it at 16 teams because there’s not enough players to go around
play each other twice 30 around comp home and away
more games equals more revenue from broadcasters since it is their game they pay for
Let’s focus on fixing and simplifying our own backyard and inconsistencies from officials overloaded with instructions, coaching, mentoring and red tape


So more teams and not enough talent?
Well is that why NRL are talking about raising the age limit is it 21's or 23's. That will keep more talent in the game.


Again the NRL going off half cocked on this. I don’t see we need this and before you know it the game will be in quarters.

For me, we need to simplify things, by dumping the 6 again restart, the bunker over- riding a ‘TRY’ awarded because of some nit picking, ditch the captain’s challenge as well.
The HIA is also now being abused by some clever coaches.
Also no trainer should be on the ground guiding the team around the park - I hate that.
Rant over...


Sydney conference: Roosters, Rabbitohs, Eels, Bulldogs, Tigers, Panthers, St George Dragons, Sharks, Sea Eagles

Expansion conference: Broncos, Titans, Cowboys, Storm, Warriors, Knights, Raiders, second Brisbane franchise, Illawarra Steelers


I’m not a fan.

I don’t like the fact that certain teams will never be able to meet in the GF or championship game or whatever the hell it’ll be called.

Also, conference champions does not interest me at all.

It will be Storm vs Roosters/Panthers or Penrith in the G.F....