New Plan for the Queensland Cup (Includes Bringing Back the BRL)

Discussion in 'QRL Competitions' started by rwaite, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to bounce off you guys an idea that I have for restructuring the Queensland Cup competition. The idea is to reduce costs for individual teams while creating more local interest based on our great historical competitions.

    My idea would see the Queensland Cup teams divided into 3 pools or conferences.

    Northern Conference:
    PNG, Northern Pride, Townsville, Mackay and Central Qld

    Southern Conference:
    Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads (Hopefully a Toowoomba and Bundaberg teams in future)

    Redcliffe, Norths, Souths, Easts and Wynnum-Manly (Hopefully Valleys, Wests and Brothers in future)

    Each team would play those in their own conference 3 times and the teams in the other conferences once.

    Following that teams placed 2nd and 3rd in each conference would play off one week and then play the top team in their conference the week after.

    In Brisbane this would mean there would be a BRL preliminary final followed by a BRL Grand Final.

    In the north the top 3 teams would play off for the Foley Shield

    In the south the top 2 teams would play off for a new trophy (Maybe the Tommy Gorman or Duncan Thompson Memorial Trophy)

    The following week the winner of the competition between the southern country teams would then play for the Bulimba Cup against a combined Brisbane team.

    The following 3 weeks would be the finals for the Queensland Cup involving the top 3 northern and Brisbane teams and the top 2 southern teams. Those 8 teams would play off in 4 quarter finals followed by 2 semi finals and following that would be the Queensland Cup grand final.

    I think this setup would greatly reduce travel and accomodation costs for the teams and lower the amount of money needed for new teams like Toowoomba and Valleys and others to join up down the track.

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    Has some merit and the revival of some traditional comps / clashes would be great.....but i think 3 games v an opponent ....(possibly 4 if figure in the finals).... in a short space of time is a bit of a deterrent to spectator interest ..... in my opinion.

    Do like the idea of 'traditional' cups won by teams from that region for games between those teams, but could just be included into the comp as is and winner being an aggregate winner of games won or if need be points for and against (if all teams play each other at least twice).

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