NRL: Former South Sydney Rabbitoh Chris Caruana living in car

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    24 Mar 12 @ 12:17am by Jon Geddes

    Chris Caruana living inside his Ford Laser. PICTURE: ANNIKA ENDERBORG

    HE is the former first grade rugby league star who was earning $400,000 a season.
    At the peak of his career Chris Caruana was a pin-up in a women’s magazine and rubbed shoulders with celebrities. But for the past five months Caruana has been living out of his car on the northern beaches.
    In a damning indictment of the tough times faced by many people trying to survive on the northern beaches, Caruana beds down each night on a thin mattress in the back of his 1988 Ford Laser.
    He often has to rely on handouts from St Vincent de Paul at Manly and the generosity of mates to get a feed.
    After riding high on a wave of success, it all came crashing down for the former North Sydney and South Sydney star.
    He has courageously spoken to the Manly Daily about his plight to demonstrate that if he can find himself in this situation, anyone can. ``I have had borderline personality disorder, which is a major depression illness, for about 10 years,’’ Caruana said.
    ``I basically lived in a cave for four or five years and away from a lot of my great friends and that is what this illness does.’‘
    As his life spiralled out of control, Caruana hit the depths of despair.
    ``I tried to commit suicide twice. The Lord, the Higher Being, Buddha whatever you want want to call him didn’t want me to go,’’ he said. ``I’m not going to do it a third time.’’
    Read more about how he is battling his demons
    Caruana lost a lot of money after a relationship separation and was burnt through bad investments.
    ``People I thought were friends each got close to $100,000 off me,’’ he said.
    ``I was on massive money and I renovated and sold six homes over the past 12 years. Basically, it’s all gone.’‘
    Now Caruana is passionate about making a difference for people in his predicament. He is campaigning for politicians to address the problems faced by those ``invisible’’ Aussies that society ignores.
    ``Over the past three months I have been associated with Beyond Blue and there are that many people on the streets and living out of their cars it is just incredible,’’ he said.
    ``It is coming into winter and I see these kids on the streets. And all these politicians they just don’t know. Over the last 48 hours I could not get any emergency accommodation on the northern beaches.’‘
    Caruana was offered temporary accommodation at Campbelltown but that meant being too far away from his son, who is at school in the area. Times are tough but Caruana has never stopped being a devoted father.
    ``I am very proud of my son and daughter, and I want them to go on to better things,’’ he said.
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    Terrible stuff. I wonder if he ever got concussed when he played? A lot of studies coming out of the States indicate that numerous NFL players who had concussion have suffered from some form of post-career depression.

    I've often thought that our club or the league as a whole should start some sort of fund to assist former players who are suffering from misfortune or playing related injuries. I'm aware that the QLD FOGS have done something like that but maybe it should be extended and enhanced by the league.
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    Men of League is supposed to do that.

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