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NRL practice sessions


Does anyone ever go to them?
I happened upon a Newcastle Jets soccer training session in Maitland the other day and I watched about 15 minutes worth and it was pretty entertaining. They essentially just practice the skills you see on game day. Like zero technique stuff just essentially having a game.
If a kid was at an NRL practice session would he find it boring like watching the team practice wrestling techniques most of the time. You hear the players say they practice defense most of the time. I could watch about 2 minutes of that. You wouldn't even want a kid to see that.


Post Whore
I have been to open training sessions.

The team will practice scenarios (eg: goal-line attacking raids, goal-line defence, setting up for field goals, etc.), as well as have specialised skill drills.

Kids have often enjoyed it, from what I've seen.


Staff member
I have seen NRL sides trained, and junior international sides do fairly similar drills / sessions. Obviously just not as long or as intense as an NRL session

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