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NRZL pulls out of World Cup

Oh great, now my last favourite league team are doing their best to chase me away. Idiots.

If I was him I'd just no vax no play.
There should not be an issue with this, but it has to apply to all nations as part of playing in world cup.

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
Definitely people can exercise their choice…. But the world needs to move forward and if that is indeed a factor then it’s pretty disappointing.
Athletes are privileged in that their worlds have been less affected than many, I understand the Warriors have been away from home but they’re well paid and doing something they love, unlike many in the real world

I remember last year when the comp started up again, players had to have the Vax to enter Qld

In our squad Taupau, AFB and Walker were refusing to have it, Taupau went and got it straight away and the other 2 dragged their heels, think in the end AFB got an exemption and Walker was injured