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OFFICIAL TEAM LIST - vs. Hartley’s Boys

Totally agree. Everything points towards us thrashing them yet I’ll still be chucking a 10er on them. Money that I’m hoping and happy to lose, but those kents at brookvale just have the wood over us.

It’d be super sweet to get 2 wins over both the Goons and the Northern Eagles in the same year

Forgot about that.

Wonder when in our history that has ever happened if ever?
The moving of the goalposts for the past 2 + years, has many now questioning everything we are told via our trusted breaking news media !
What Goal Posts ? The Internet ? Where you can find anything to support whatever ideology you choose to be beholden too ? I suppose that's changed but the basic principles have not changed." Beleive that which is proven , hold fast that which is good " Or as my uncle used to say .. Dont lie ,dont steel . Bow to no one. " Simples really ... Goal posts are same place they always been , Just easier to find excuses to ignore them.


Just took a massive long shot multi
Anytime try scorers, Tracey, Noodles, Moylan, Nicho, Braily, BHU for a big win $800-1
No chance in hell but worth a punt.
Wow Manly players falling over like dominoes.

love it!

If we get real serious with our last 3 games we can get a superior f/a over the Cowboys and don’t need to worry about relying on them to lose another game.