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Official team vs Rooster


First Grade
I wouldn't be surprised to see Sifa drop out at the last minute to be honest. He looked pretty farked on that foot/ankle.
With Trindal in all the indigenous advertising that the club has going, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why has been named.
Im expecting a late swap for Miller or Hazelton at the last minute.
You think Trindall has been named because of the colour of his skin and heritage?
That sails real close to a very bad wind there..
When u put it like that then it’s f**ked.
Yeah wording can be taken in different ways.
I'm pretty positive that Fitzy would choose the team he wants. If he indeed does change the bench it would be because that is who he thinks would make the team better.

I've seen the whole "Trindall is only there because of indigenous round" flying about on all the Sharks related Facebook pages. The ignorance is strong in some still these days.

Thank you for clarifying.


Yeah but I think anyone with half a brain would realise that Trindall will be a better option than Miller in the halves right now.

A Moylan/Miller halves combo spells disaster in my eyes, we'd be running around like headless chickens.

That would be the crux of the matter. Not everyone has that much of a brain even, Especially Brain Removed

crazy pineapple

yea maybe tolman to give mcinnes a 20 minute rest, tieg and briton to play 80. hopefully they stagger the prop rotation so we constantly have fresh legs up front we're gunna need the impact
lets hope tom can bend that line like he does for the jets