One spot left, the 8 seed...who will cop it?

Discussion in 'FFB Fantasy League' started by HappyBadger, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Only the eight seed is up for grabs in the FFBRL, and with 160 minutes left for each of the teams, Raymond Terrace Tanks are holding on (just!) to the spot.

    Six teams have what seem to be a chance for that spot, but schedules and point differentials differences will reduce the effective number of teams with a chance.

    In reverse order of standings:

    Ipswich Reds - 7-16-1, 15 pts, -223 differential, trail Raymond Terrace by 4 points: the Reds visit New England and host South Canberra to close their season...sorry, since they have to leapfrog five teams to get the 8 seed, and if the Tanks get one point, or the IReds lose one, they're out of contention, so their season will require massive miracles to continue more than a fortnight.

    Roma Vandali - 8-16-0, 16 pts, -179 differential, trail RT by 3 points: travelling to Grapes of Nanking won't help, hosting Machu Picchu will help, but their magic number is two - and with four sides to leapfrog over, not sure how that will work for the Romans.

    South Canberra Knights - 8-16-0, 16 pts, -134 differential, trail RT by 3 points: at Perth Reds, at Ipswich Reds, both winnable games, but they're need both and help, and the Capital team has been so inconsistent, no way I can tell if they can do it...

    Quahog Quagmires - 8-15-1, 17 pts, -179 differential, trail RT by 2 points: at Shenzen Sharkitohs, hosting Perth Reds...with the Tanks' poorer differential, the magic number is three, but that trip to China will be the most important game for the Quagmires in their history, or maybe not...

    Perth Reds - 9-15-0, 18 pts, -48 differential, trail RT by one point: host South Canberra, visit Quahog, and basically are tied with the Tanks, since the only way the Tanks can safely avoid a tiebreak with the PReds is to win both their games...and both games are winnable...but...

    Raymond Terrace Tanks - 9-14-1, 19 pts, -263 differential, lead Perth Reds by one point: win both, they're in, and they solely control their fate...except for two factors...a trip to Mua Saints will make or break their season, and before that, a game against a team of little account from South America, don't let their winning streak fool you, Tanks, you can whip Ponte Preta easily at home...

    ...except that the Billy Goats have watched Fifty Shades of Grey's Anatomy, and worshipped Sandra Oh, so whipping may not help, Raymond Terrace... :lol:
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    I'm calling Perth to snatch that spot.

    Can't see Raymond Terrace winning their last two (sorry afs)
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    Hoping the Tanks blow it and Quohog win this weekend.
    That'd make for an epic Perth/Quohog game,

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