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Open Tournament :: 2013 Post Season

Discussion in 'Forum Sevens Matches' started by Monk, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Monk

    Monk Referee

    May 20, 2005
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    Game Thread:
    * This is a game thread only. Only game posts can be made here - article submissions.
    * Any other posts may result in loss of points and is at the discretion of the referee.
    * Only original articles, not used in previous games, will be marked by referees.

    Submitting Articles
    * One article per user
    * Articles may be edited up until fulltime. Any articles edited after fulltime will be disqualified.
    * Users may not have assistance from the referee's in editing their articles.

    Rules: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/rules.php
    Official Word Counter: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/wordcount.php

    Kick Off: Wednesday 30th of October 2013
    Full Time: Wednesday 11th of December 2013 (9:00pm Sydney Time)
    Referee: Monk, Non Terminator

    Best of Luck to everyone involved.
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  2. afinalsin666

    afinalsin666 First Grade

    Oct 6, 2010
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    afinalsin666 runs onto the field for the afinalsin666's. Every man for himself. afinalsin666 looks terrified.

    734 according to the OWC.


    It was the night before Christmas, and all through the land
    people reminisced, including rugby league fans.
    From the World Cup just passed, to the Origin win,
    to the birdies Grand Final, there's reasons to grin.

    But it's over now, and we settle in to wait,
    waiting for the year to come, and wondering our fate.
    Will our buys work wonders and will our team really gel?
    We all wish for war thunder but right now it's hard to tell.

    We all bluster and fluster and write articles full of jest,
    just to stave off the boredom of only tennis and cricket tests.
    We wonder greatest players and where SB Williams fits in?
    but we all lose sleep while awaiting that next win.

    It's December twenty fourth according to the calendar,
    so let's think on the names that we all should remember.
    On Meninga, on Smith, on Lewis, on Gasnier
    On Churchill, on Johns, on Lockyer, on Messenger.

    Think on these players and be happy, rejoice,
    but let's not forget the dark to the light of these boys.
    The ASADA comes in wielding nothing but suspicion
    and banning the shoulder charge, "is this game now for women"?

    Seven tackle tries, and squirrel gripping testicles,
    any Parramatta game, all Bourbon Becky articles,
    no more punch-ons, no more scum signs,
    too much wrestling, Folau is still unsigned?

    Now let's focus on the whole world, and all of it's joys,
    Samoa v New Zealand, English Hardmen and Australia's bag of toys,
    The Fijian prayer circle, and tears of passion from grown men,
    and bitter tears of regret when forced home again.

    Alas, it wasn't all glory in the cup of the planet,
    the people all loved it, the idiot media wants to can it.
    But for every word in the competitions opposition,
    there's a thousand per second to deny that supposition.

    "There were no crowds!" so half a million is now a few?
    "Nobody cares about league!" So the Fijians tears must not be true?
    "It's all down to three! It's pointless this tourney!"
    It's not about the result, you dunce, it's all about the journey.

    "Why allow players to drink!" They are all human, and need time off.
    "Athletes aren't human!" Do you listen to yourself you toss?
    "Australia are better, the others should just give up!"
    That would defeat the whole purpose of a god damned world cup.

    Let's switch tracks, because it is attention they crave,
    these scum of the earth, hidden deep in News Ltd troll caves.
    Lets talk top four, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and England,
    actually let's skip Australia and Fiji because we all know what happened.

    New Zealand and England fought the fiercest of battles,
    monstrous English forwards had the New Zealand team rattled.
    At 79 minutes, the boys in red and white were in!
    Until Johnson saw them slack off and approached with a grin.

    Dodge, weave, step and slice back!
    He left the English line dumbfounded at the speed of attack.
    The crowd was silenced as the whistle was blown,
    and as Johnson hit the goal, all over the stadium a moan.

    New Zealand had done it, they stole England's win.
    A place in the final, New Zealand were in!
    So the day came they awaited with all baited breath.
    Kick off, ten minutes later the kiwis faced death.

    So it was that Australia won, and did so in grand fashion.
    It was never in doubt, and still the crowd showed passion.
    The "meaningless" Englishmen stayed after the game
    for the awards ceremony, and cheered despite their pain.

    It was a grand victory indeed, at Old Trafford that day,
    not so much for the team, but the whole sport that they play.
    So let us remember and celebrate a celebration
    of the Greatest Game of All, played by many nations.

    And so the year draws to a close, and our fields lay bare,
    the goalposts removed so soccer could be played there.
    Yea the year draws to a close, and Saint Nick rides his boomers,
    Fifty two days from the Nines, I wish they could come sooner.

    So it is the night before Christmas, and tonight I can't sleep.
    I lay and reminisce on the year both the bitter and sweet.
    I cry over Melbourne's finals exit and the loss of Fiji.
    Damn, I think tomorrow i'll throw on the barbie and watch my 2012 Grand Final DVD.
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  3. Monk

    Monk Referee

    May 20, 2005
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    That's fulltime. Marking may take a while because of the plethora of submissions.
  4. afinalsin666

    afinalsin666 First Grade

    Oct 6, 2010
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    Good work everyone. May the best man win :lol:
  5. Titanic

    Titanic First Grade

    Feb 20, 2007
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    Mate, I must admit that when I saw there was only one submission I wrote an article about bbq-ing alone but it lost its relevance in the context of there would then have been two submissions, so I held back ... great job, good read and well-deserved win.
  6. Monk

    Monk Referee

    May 20, 2005
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    I've had this marked since before Xmas, no idea why I didn't post the results, sorry!

    An excellent piece to end the year with. You packed a whole lot in there and wrapped it up and a shiny bow. It could have been easier to read in some places, but it was still very enjoyable and it's easy to tell you put a lot of effort into the article.

    Open Tournament Winner - AFS

    Thanks for playing folks ;)
  7. Horrie Is God

    Horrie Is God First Grade

    Aug 20, 2008
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    I forgot all about this..

    Congrats AFS..
  8. afinalsin666

    afinalsin666 First Grade

    Oct 6, 2010
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    Thanks lads. I'm used to singing and making it work, rather than being read. Quite difficult to do successfully. Bring on 2014 eh?

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