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OT COVID hypocrisy / confusion


During the last few months, I have attended many Junior League matches. After Round 1 , there was a notional max crowd of 500 with social distancing constantly monitored by clubs. Last week flew Sydney to Ballina return with absolutely ZERO social distancing. Masks not mandatory. Travelled on trains where the seats are clearly not 1.5 m apart in any direction. Press, government turns a total blind eye.

Local Grand Finals this weekend and bingo stricter Covid protocols than ever. Harder to get into a game than the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, my cousin flies from UK to Rome for a holiday!

Oh, residents in Northern Rivers postcodes can visit to and from QLD. People from all over NSW can goto Northern Rivers potentially with Covid.



Staff member
Mate, the stories I've heard!

I know people on the VIC/NSW border (Albury etc), and there are some INSANE stories!!!!
Thanks for the tip - 5 mins is 5 mins and ranting little flogs have well and truly hit their limit
He is one comedian, playing two characters (Ranting little flogs) - lampooning them both. Maybe not best comedian around . Maybe not your cup of tea -,thats fine , but hey 5 minutes ? What were you going to do with it anyway ? watch Cricket ? Tennis ? It was a little bit of a change from that stuff anyway.

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