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OT: Dead hard rockers week

Sad about Alan Lancaster, I believe he owned a newsagency in the Penshurst area. He moved her in the 80s after retiring from touring with The Quo.
Alan Lancaster from Status Quo.
He lived here I think, well he lived here for a long time. I used to see him play at The Kings Head Tavern, South Hurstville, in The Bombers, on a Thursday night in the late 80's
Friends tell me Alan lived in San Souci (so the Kings HEad would have been a convenient gig for him) and either owned or worked at a record store in Bexley. He was also involved in a recording studio in North Sydney. One mate from work confirmed that he simply bumped into Alan at the Penshurst newsagency.


Puts a new meaning on Roll over and lay down and let me in , and so, 'coming in the back door'.
Close to sixty mysefl so I had a couple of Quo albums myself (where are they now?) Did not know he lived in Sydney near the end. One album had a poster of them in tight jeans, man they were well packed.
Norm was a great coach for us, improved our forwards considerably, almost got us that first premiership in 78, and I remember he provided the Sharkies with some financial assistance, possibly a loan guarantee when we were building the leagues club in the mid to late 70s.
Remember his Norm Provan discounts at Caringbah which later became Clarke Rubber I think. Knew the old man who was very adamant what a gentleman he was. Rest in peace Sticks.