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OT - Rorters - Brandon Smith - VOMIT

Special K

Not a good look. I like him as a player but gee he has given the storm the cold shoulder during this process with the public flirting with clubs and the podcast.

Compare this with how we signed McInnes. Hynes. Finuncane. Ikuvalu. All were kept quiet until the last few days/hours in some cases.

Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
Yeah but SST is after a payday deal and will go anyway. Surely they replace him with a middle

Verrills may be excess by 2023. Is Freddie Lusick still there?
My thinking was on the previso of Smith coming early. Roosters signing Smith was done in the knowledge that SST was leaving at end of 22 to join Catalans. If Catalans can take him early, for cap purposes SST will go as he’s on similar money to Smith. I agree that Verrills doesn’t look like he’ll be there for 23 and Lussick (still there) will continue as backup.

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