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Out of Position Origin Essentials


As we all know - NSW have a concerning obsession with picking players out of position to include in their squad, some good selections but alot of terrible/WTF were you thinking selections.

for both states since Origin began, which players absolutely justified being picked out of position to make their representative team?

and do any current NRL players warrant being picked for Origin out of position?

for NSW - Hayne seemed the obvious players you just had to get into your team...
Tom Trbojevic and Latrell Mitchell, wing, centre, fullback or whatever to ensure they’re in the side.

Agreed. Both Standouts and superstars.

No other current / available backs (picked out of position) would be better than regulars in their individual positions.

Of the forward, many could cover multiple roles in the back row but McInnes can cover Hooker and Lock (as he plays for the Dragons.


Joey was picked at hooker and was just as influential as he was in the usual #7 role.

If you were picking an all-time Greatest NSW squad to take on the equivalent Qld team I'd fancy putting both Freddy and Laurie in the centres to accomodate Kenny in that 5/8th role. Qld would pick Wally as their #6 and Kenny has a better win/ loss record when lining up as his opposite.

Still Nutty

Wighton deserves his spot but there are better 5/8s. Hes always been a natural centre imo
I personally thought Wighton and Gutho were both very ordinary last week, particularly in defence...and not just because they played out of position.

Gagai made Wighton look useless in one on one defence a couple of times when he was in position to effect a tackle - one that led to the Coates try and one that should have led to a try if it weren't for Cook getting back and cleaning up a kick that had 3 maroons in a position to score. Gutho also got easily shoved off by Copeland for Brimson's try.

Neither were out of position but both hit the ground when they were shoved off a 1 on 1 tackle and made it easy for the attack to then get in behind the defensive line.

If I were Bennett, they would be seeing a lot more traffic tonight and, if they don't aim up defensively for 80 minutes, we are going to get schooled again out wide.