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Pacific 6 Nations Tournament


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The NRL should seriously consider a bi-annual Six Nations tournament with Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji all included, with games taken to each country.

Shortening the NRL season to accommodate this competition would be the simplest and smartest solution: 22 Rounds, with the top eight teams from the previous year playing each other twice, bottom eight sides playing each other twice and then the top eight playing bottom eight sides once each.

Then reinstate the traditional ANZAC Test between Australia and New Zealand, which would also double as a Six Nations game. Take a week off from NRL competition for each of the three Origin fixtures. On those weekends have matches between the other five Pacific nations.

At the end of the year Australia could have a short tour of the islands, playing against Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, while any other games would also be played in that time and then the top two sides would play in the final.


ANZAC Test week – Australia v New Zealand | Papua New Guinea v Fiji | Tonga v Samoa
State of Origin I week – NSW v QLD | Papua New Guinea v New Zealand | Samoa v Fiji
State of Origin II week – QLD v NSW | Tonga v Fiji | Papua New Guinea v Samoa
State of Origin III week – NSW v QLD | Papua New Guinea v Tonga | Samoa v New Zealand

End of season tour: Australia plays Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea; New Zealand plays Tonga and Fiji

The four weeks saved during the year would be spent on the end-of-season tour games, therefore the players are not playing more games than they already are, and the burnout argument becomes defunct.



A Pacific 6 Nations should happen - I don't know if it can work bi-annually if we also want Australia & New Zealand to compete against European nations as well. The best fit would be once every 4 years - that way it's a big event. In the other years they can still play one off matches.

That said - Who honestly believes that the NRL is in a strong enough position that it can suspend games for 4 weeks during the peak of the season? Consider the financial & media impact that will have. If it were the only football code being played it might stand a chance but as anybody in the entertainment industry knows - when you close your doors, you open the doors for others.


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Perhaps a structure like this then?

Year 1 - World Cup
Year 2 - Tour to Europe/Americas (playing ENG/FRA/WAL/SCO/IRE/ITA/USA/CAN)
Year 3 - 6 Nations
Year 4 - Tours by UK & France to Aus/NZ/PNG/TON/FIJ/SAM