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Panthers next.


Someone has to stand up for this kid.
Seems, initially Sloan was put off by the touchie calling a knock on as he did attempt to run the ball into touch before getting the go ahead by the ref.
Confusion galore for the kid to take in. Then had the ref not stuffed up his call the kid probably had the match winner as he had left Cogger for dead with a brilliant step then blinding acceleration as he set sail for the line. That is the upside of Sloan, reason we have to persevere with him, whether it is at fullback or elsewhere.
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Ive read quite a few people on here who are talking about next year like weve lost this one already. I cant see why we cant move forward from here and start playing properly. Just requires some people to lose their positions and realise nothing is guaranteed. The stupid errors cant be allowed to go on with no repercussions. In any job youd be out the next day.
But im hopeful we can still turn this year around if we start playing like we mean it


The team is playing a little better under Carr. Unfortunately they’re just as dumb as they have been for the last 5-6 seasons. I would have happily bet $500 that we would concede that try on half time siren - it’s what the Dragons do. And when the hell is someone going to coach this team to compete against short dropouts”!?! The amount of times this side just fails completely both sides of the ball against short kicks is so frustrating.
And as great as Hunt played, he continually kept calling for the ball over Sullivan, even when something obvious was happening on Bud’s side of the field.. No point having two halves if only one of them is allowed to touch the ball.

I'm Hornby

How can Sully show his attacking ability when Hunt wants all the ball and does nothing with it.
Hunt just does not know when to pick his time.
He needs to pick another club.
But I Don't think there will anyone wating to pick him up.
He had a whole game of his preferred position v the Dolphins, Hunt wasn't even on the field that night and Sullivan showed very little with ball in hand.

There is no way we are ready to let Sullivan, Amone and Sloan all play in the spine without Hunt, our attack would be woeful. Be careful what you wish for is all I say.


First Grade
The Dragons deserved a better result for the effort the boys put in - more so after such a dramatic week , they played a far better game than most would had expected .

As said by many , Carr has definitely improved his charges. It’s good to see a bit of spirit back in the Big Red V , as for the knock back/ knock on decision , it’s a damn shame , but the reining premiers will always get the nod over the lesser lights of the competition when it comes to decisions such as that .
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I am hoping that Carr is doing the right thing by the club and giving the fringe first graders and KOE players a chance at FG ( read Billy Burns here). We now know that Burns is not FG material. Try one or two over the next few weeks to see if anyone can step up in quality. It may help decide who to extend and who to "thank for their service and wish them well in the future".

Kolum Kid

Just watched the replay as I don't have pay tv to watch live. I do follow the game via the forum posts and expected the worst. My observations after watching are
1. Kerr won't be missed next year
2. A lot of unnecessary criticism of Billy Burns even though he did make a few mistakes late in the game- fitness?
3.Sullivan offers more than Anyone at 5/8
4.We need an alternative goal kicker
5.Fergai needs to be coached to stay on his winger- he let in 2 tonight
6.Other than the knockon decision I thought we got a pretty fair go from the ref whoever he was.
Kicking someone when they are down won't improve the situation. Patience and hope that a real coach for once might just make being a dragon supporter pleasant again.