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Panthers next.



Dragons Round 13 Team List​

1. Tyrell Sloan - sponsored by EFEX
2. Mathew Feagai - sponsored by Aspec Masonry
3. Moses Suli - sponsored by Kingsgrove Sports
4. Zac Lomax - sponsored by Floormania
5. Mikaele Ravalawa - sponsored by Wollongong City Jetski
6. Talatau Amone - sponsored by React Cleaning
7. Ben Hunt (c) - sponsored by Belle Property
8. Francis Molo - sponsored by UTECH
9. Jacob Liddle - sponsored by Active Forklifts
10. Michael Molo - sponsored by Deicorp
11. Billy Burns - sponsored by Tomkat Roofing
12. Jaydn Su’A - sponsored by Shire Steel and Fabrication
13. Jack de Belin - sponsored by TLE Alexandria


14. Jayden Sullivan - sponsored by TripADeal
15. Ben Murdoch-Masila - sponsored by Jameson Strata Management
16. Jaiyden Hunt - sponsored by Professionals Padstow
17. Josh Kerr - sponsored by Classic Sportswear


18. Moses Mbye
19. Toby Couchman
20. Zane Musgrove
21. Max Feagai
22. Tautau Moga

Casualty Ward

  • Blake Lawrie (hand, Rd 17)
  • Josh Coric (knee, season)
  • Cody Ramsey (illness, season)
  • Tyrell Fuimaono (hip, indefinite)

Slippery Morris

First Grade
Surely there are better players than Billy Burns in reserve grade. I know he scored a few tries last week but he ran a total of 3 meters to score all 3. You would have thought Musgrove would be ahead of him that is for sure.

Hopefully he improves under Carr. Maybe Hook was the problem.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
Panthers have named a strong squad with all the Origin guys backing up. I thought Cleary usually rests them or is that just after the last origin game he rests them?


How funny , I just read the preview on the NRL website, it states that Cleary will probably rest his origin players allowing emerging stars to get a run against the STRUGGLING Dragons. Oh how the mighty have fallen that we should be talked about as basically a training run. And as much as it hurts that is virtually all we deserve.
Is Hook phoning these team selections in?!
Couchman is being yo-yo'd like Host, Ford and Leilua before him. Look elsewhere, mate - we'd rather give Billy F#cking Burns another chance to lumber around aimlessly than let you develop. Amone still at 6, despite terminally slow and useless, Michael Molo starting prop when he neither big enough or good enough.
Penrith by 80.
This joint is f#cked.