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Panthers v Parra


Even Penrith. Fans would have feel sick and hollow after that a$$ raping the Eels got

we were by far the better team best I seen us play all year so I’m still proud of their effort can’t beat 14 men

hkw the hell was TPJ aloud back on the field that’s all that will be on the news all week


First Grade
Great game of footy. One of the best of the year, both teams defending incredibly. Still think we were one or two tries the better team but things didn't bounce our way and we ended up lucky to get away with it. Hard to know what kind of effect that'll have on us next week. Would have taken a ton out of us, especially in that humidity. but getting through a game like that will do a fair bit for our confidence.

Still worried about Fish, he was a bit better, but still not the monster he needs to be. Martin has some great attributes, but he's got some ordinary efforts in him. Watching him stroll as Gutherson raced past him 10 out with a two point lead in the last two minutes of a Semi Final had me screaming. Luai looked much better in the first half but took some poor options in the second. Edwards was excellent after his terrible moment. Cleary very consistent. Naden was great. Still not sure I'm ok with Crichton on the wing, doesn't seem to be upping his involvement.

At least we end up getting a shot at Melbourne. I think we're some ways off them at their best, but footy's a funny game and you never know what a week off will do to the rhythm of a side. We'll be underdogs but not without a chance.

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