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Panthers V Raiders


I fear the worst tomorrow, away from home under strength against a good side whose season is on the line.

Not convinced we can somehow grind out a win in this one.

I hope we can overcome adversity but don’t have a positive feeling about this game.


First Grade
Chris Smith is a capable replacement. Sure he's no Kiks. But still very capable.

Gee there's some doom and gloom around this place. Anyone would think it was desperation time for Penrith who are sitting in 9th or 10th position rather than first.

It won't be easy.......but Penrith are very capable of winning tomorrow, if they chose to follow the game plan, and run those big Canberra forwards around.


If critta is out i guess it will be

May to centre turuva to wing
And eiso in.

I prefer the bench with eiso on it anyway..

Well be up against it today. 3 huge outs for us.. and if crittas out that hurts too.

Edwards api yeo and fish and will all need 10/10 performances


First Grade
Nsw cup side just named both Staines and falls named in team .no Turuva so he will make his debut today for sure just where he plays we will have to wait to see

I have been pushing Tago to the backrow, today would be perfect time to do it. Aside from that not sure how he gets on the field


If there is even a slight bit of doubt with critta we should rest him. This is not a do or die game.

It’s great seeing kids debut and today will be a good test of the team’s mental strength.

We have talked ourselves up as having a great system rather than just the best players, it’s all on show today.

A performance like the second half of last week would be amazing, even if it’s a loss.