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Panthers v Roosters rematch for the opening round of 2004

Discussion in 'Sydney Roosters' started by Rooster Lozz, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Rooster Lozz

    Rooster Lozz Juniors

    Sep 27, 2003
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    PENRITH and Sydney Roosters players have endorsed moves to launch next season with a rematch between the teams from last weekend's unforgettable NRL grand final.

    In the aftermath to a week of hype surrounding the Panthers-Roosters classic, Telstra Stadium management is considering an approach to both clubs to pit them against each other in round one.

    There is also a chance the Bulldogs and New Zealand Warriors, the two beaten semi-finalists, could play as part of a double-header that officials believe would fill the 80,000-seat ground.

    "It would be a great way to start the season," Roosters centre Ryan Cross said. "It would create a lot of interest after what happened in the grand final."

    Team-mate Craig Fitzgibbon added: "It would sit with us fine. We'd like to get another crack at them."

    Since scrapping the local derby season-openers several years ago, the NRL has provided both grand finalists with a home game against a quality team.

    The NRL, though, will not rule out bringing the Roosters and Panthers together in a round one blockbuster.

    "If the clubs decided they wanted to play each other in round one, then we'd be happy to talk to them about that," NRL chief operating officer Graham Annesley said.

    "Anything is possible. It's not something we would rule out if the two clubs were in favour of it."

    Management at Telstra Stadium have spoken to the NRL in previous years about kicking off the season with a rematch of the grand finalists. The success of the 2003 decider has refuelled their interest.

    "We put a concept to them a while ago as to why don't we start with a replay of the grand final, and perhaps make it as part of a double-header, which I think would be just sensational," said Telstra Stadium operations manager Daryl Kerry.

    "Following this year it makes a lot of sense because it was one of the absolute best grand finals and it would be a phenomenal way for the league season to start.

    "I reckon if they were normal club game ticket prices, if it was marketed correctly, I think you could get 60,000 to a stand-alone game and if it was a double-header you'd go close to filling it.

    "Given the profile of the Roosters these days and the support Penrith have, it would be awesome."

    The Roosters and Panthers are seeded in different pools next season, meaning they will play twice in the preliminary rounds.

    There will not be a repeat of this year's scenario when fans had to wait until round 25 to see the 2002 grand finalists, the Roosters and Warriors, do battle. The draw is expected to be released at the NRL's annual conference in December.


    I think this would be a great idea, bringing back the double header and having Dogs v Warriors as the early game and then have us play the Panthers as the main game.
    The big thing that would get fans in the door is charging normal prices they do for the prelim rounds not the over priced crap they offered for the grand final.
    I say bring it on, can't wait till next year :)
  2. dice

    dice Juniors

    Aug 29, 2003
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    If the roosters won it would be an unfair way for the Panthers to start off the season. I can't see it happening.
  3. ozzie

    ozzie Bench

    May 23, 2003
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    well dice someone has to win - either way it would a great way to start the season, and I think most fans of both sides would agree.

    My problem with last year was the first match - I couldn't work out why the two g/f teams didn't play each other..what a waste of a crowd, instead we got parramatta, the pereniall losers, and although the corowd was good - it wouldn't have been a patch on what the g/f replay would have been..
  4. roostergirl

    roostergirl Juniors

    May 23, 2003
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    If anyone had any sense.......this years Round 1 game should have been Roosters V Bulldogs. Imagine that atmosphere.
  5. Chook

    Chook First Grade

    Jun 20, 2003
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    It would be a fantastic way to start a season with a double header piting the top four from last year against each other. It would be a sell out and TV ratings would be through the roof.

    It would certainly wash away the last memory of the rugby yawnion we're currently forced to swallow.

    Good idea, go with it!


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