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Parramatta Eels Juniors


Truth be told Daily Telegraph do a damn good job promoting that competition.
Fairfield had a win Blacktown had a lose.


people should consider subscribing to the tele for their coverage of the schoolboy cup. It is pretty good.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
I noticed something the other day and thought it would be worth posting here.

Since Phil Gould took over the Panthers system and supercharged their academy, their junior rep teams have had very different results.

Pre-Gus (2002-2011)Post-Gus (2012-2021)
Harold Matts premierships40
Harold Matts runners-up31
Harold Matts minor premierships1 (no minor premier record pre-2004)1 (2020 season was suspended)
SG Ball premierships12
SG Ball runners-up12
SG Ball minor premierships11 (2020 season was suspended)
Flegg/NYC premierships22
Flegg/NYC runners up0 (no runner up record pre-2008)2
Flegg/NYC minor premierships0 (no minor premier record pre-2008)2 ('20 & '21 seasons were suspended)

What stands out is that, prior to Gould taking over, the Panthers' Harold Matthews record was even more impressive than ours (3 premierships, 2 runners up and 2 minor premierships) in the same period. Gus certainly seems to have fixed that. They haven't won a Matts premiership since. Meanwhile we have maintained nearly the same success rate (3+3+2) since 2012.

The question needs to be asked then, is Harold Matthews success some sort of poisoned chalice or are we just focusing our efforts in the wrong area of poaching and retention? Am I just having a jersey flog? Because that's where the big NRL clubs are having their junior rep success, Jersey Flegg, and to a lesser extent SG Ball. Harold Matthews Cup is irrelevant. We've won significantly more Matts premierships (20) than any other club (Penrith is second with 7). Meanwhile the last time Parra won the comp in the Flegg/NYC age group was 1990. That's almost as long as our first grade drought. This year's top four NRL teams have all won this age group in that time, including the Melbourne Storm. The Roosters have won it four f**king times since we last did.
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