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Opinion Parramatta


I'm hoping Penrith win on the back of a try that involved a forward pass in the lead up.
Mate, I wouldn't wish that or any other bogey ruling on any opposition, especially in this years GF. Just think of those last ditch tries in the Bal V Can, Man V Newcy, and Bris V Cows games how more irate those losing fans would have been if those tries had a sprinkle of suss about them.

So nope, I hope nobody has to endure that scenario.


First Grade
Might cause some beef with the Parra fans but I don't think Parra actually deserve to win it. I've watched so many of their games this year where they implode against absolutely shit opposition but manage to play out of their skin for the big games. I'd hope Parramatta would be more consistent before jagging a grand final win.

Penrith is by far the best team this year but I do think it'll be a banger game because the Eels will well and truly be up for it.
Parra don’t deserve to win because they were inconsistent? I’m not sure what that has to do with winning a grand final. We paid our “penalty” for being inconsistent by having to play Penrith in Penrith and having to travel to Townsville and win up there. Penrith received their reward for finishing first as well by winning the minor premiership and getting home finals. Parra also won enough games to finish in the top 4 despite their inconsistency. That’s likely why they made the grand final and the likes of the Roosters and Storm did not.

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