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Parra's 2nd Quarter of the Season 2023


First Grade
6 games in we have reached the quarter mark of the season. Unfortunately we are only 2 wins from 6 when it could well have been 3 or 4 wins.

It means we are chasing our tail a bit and have to make up some ground unlike in previous seasons where we started out fast from the previous 4 seasons.

2019 - 4 wins from 6
2020 - 5 wins from 6
2021 - 5 wins from 6
2022 - 4 wins from 6.

In the context of the season this next 6 weeks will basically decide our season i feel in the leadup to the origin period.

A minimum of 4 wins is required in this period of 6 games anything less i think we are struggling to make finals.

Our record against Souths is horrible as everyone is aware. That round is also indigenous round which also puts us at a disadvantage as Latrell & Cody will be frothing for a big performance. So i am already counting that as a loss.

Which means we have to look at winning 4 from next 5.

Draw is favourable but do Parra have enough gears to lift themselves over the next 6 weeks and cash in after a tough start.

Time will tell

Draw from 7-12
Round 7 - Bulldogs @ Commbank
Round 8 - Broncos @ Darwin
Round 9 - Knights @ Commbank
Round 10 - Titans @ Suncorp
Round 11 - Raiders @ Canberra
Round 12 - Souths @ Allianz

the phantom menace

First Grade
Agree 4 from 6 is minimum needed in the coming rounds to get the season back on track and even keel.

You'd imagine Broncos and Souths might be a stretch unless we play out of our skins (like the Panthers game). But the other 4 games are against teams that have also been hot and cold like us, and should (on paper) be well within our abilities to beat.

With a full strength pack and no injuries (other than a slight lack of class in the outside backs) anything less than a win against the Bulldogs is a signal/confirmation that we're not where we should be to compete for (or in) the 8 this season.

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