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Paul Green RIP

Yes but as someone else who has also dealt with dozens of suicides, both personal and work, the one in the most pain is the one who feels they have to take their life. We don't get to ask them but it must be a tremendous beat that lives inside to cause enough pain to end it.

Congratulations Greeny on a great career, a great life and for leaving a great legacy. RIP
I get that. I suppose I'm talking from having to deal with his wife and son every week and still seeing the pain and suffering they are still trying to cope with years later.


My mate was the 50% planned side of things…. Jumped from a Gold Coast hotel.

Booked in and when they only gave him 6 floors he walked out, went somewhere else that put him higher up, left a note and succeeded.

Now run those conversations he must of had through your head and tell me how calm you have to be to just move to the next one
My mate was the 50% planned side of things…. Jumped from a Gold Coast hotel.

Booked in and when they only gave him 6 floors he walked out, went somewhere else that put him higher up, left a note and succeeded.

Now run those conversations he must of had through your head and tell me how calm you have to be to just move to the next one
Awful, but yep you won’t pick it. Calm resolute determined.
You up that way Ozzi?


Not a good day at all. The dear wife's dad passed on this morning. He was 93 and not in good health for some time. Poor bloke suffered a stroke the other day and never responded. In a way it is good that he did not have to linger I know he would not of wanted it to be that way.

We all had a long chat last weekend and he got to know and he understood that he had become a great great great grandfather. He had a bit of a chuckle about that.

The wife has taken it okay which is a blessing.

When you have a squiz at who and how ones departs this life it is strange how some get a long straw and some get the too short straw. Who the f**k knows.


Sorry to hear quigs hope your wife finds peace in the knowledge that he is now resting and as Betty white used to say… “he now knows the secret”.

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First Grade
It is so sad, how it ended, not knowing what his mind was going through.
It is so important to be able to talk to someone, to have support around you, but even then and we don't know, things can just keep adding up, and you just don't see a way out.
Then it can be something one last thing that takes you over the edge, could be just pure exhaustion over the years, where it seems your fighting the world, and you are starting to fight back only to be beaten down yet again.
And then it's the final time when you just can't get up that one last time.
RIP Paul Green
As someone who tries (ussually unsuccesfully ) to find a meaning /purpose in lifes "lessons " I guess I do see a common thread here in that all of us have some close personal experience of effects of suicide and most have faced at least some points of darkness where they have considered and rejected the finality of that solution and the trauma it leaves behind.
The Captain of my highschool in 6th form , commited suicide . He was looked up to , respected , admired ,liked ,even loved by his classmates (Even those of us who didnt particularly like the footballers( or to be honest were a bit jealous,) Liked him . He had had some setbacks , lost a big football game, broke up with girlfriend , etc but still came as HUGE shock! I always think of him when I hear Billy joel song , "second wind".

His Ex girlfriend, was a sparkling personality ,likeable ,intelligent ,attractive , and at the time I had no idea of what the effect might be on her and her life, but have thought about it since. What wise words are there to say about that ? I dont have any idea!

Anyway , If there's any conclusions , any meaning , All I can sum up is , lifes short, You will die soon anyway so if the dark thoughts seem overwhelming try to remember that there really are people that love and appreciate you and need you. You CAN get through it Those left behind ? Depression is a real debilitating disease .It can shut down the normal human emotions of hope, determination, empathy ,self love and respect , to only focus on the negative . Try and keep the lines of communication open .They are special people as are you , Thats why they chose you. Treasure the time you have with them.

The meaning Of it all ? I don't know, but I've seen here a lot of reflection and good side of human caring and kindness. Some from people I would not necessarily have expected. Its certainly made me stop and think.
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Devastating for his Family. This was a shock but goes to show it is impossible to know how people are unless they communicate. Seriously. Talk to the people you love or a complete stranger when things are getting you down. So sad.

Sincere condolences Quigs to you and the Mrs and your family.


Greeny was a great Mate, just a magnificent human being.

Please let me share this with you all, Cronulla was Greeny's first love, he adored the club, loved the Shire and we were his family.

I will never forget when he told me about the new Cronulla Reebok jersey - "You will absolutely love it, BUT, it does have gray in the jersey!" I said there is absolutely NO WAY that I would love a Sharks jersey with any colour other than black, white and blue - sure enough, when the jersey was released I had to concede and he just laughed.

He was desperate to help Cronulla win our first Premiership not only as a player, but told me he would love to be the first Coach to bring the trophy "home".

He left to go to North Queensland because he couldn't refuse the offer, he cried when he made the decision to leave. He also said later on well after footy it was the worst decision he made because the club was so close to winning a Premiership and his own form once he left was never the same.

Our Mate Greeny was Black, White and Blue Shark #290 - Rest In Peace my Mate.

Special K

I saw even when he came back to the Roosters he was living down on the water in the shire. You have to wonder how 99 coulda been if we had him one extra year. I hate when players just miss milestones and wish he got to 100 games especially how the next few years would go as a player. It isn't the be all and end all but we need to really celebrate milestones and the connections they bring to the club.

Some really sad posts in here and my thoughts are with you guys. Always here for a chat or a beer at Shark park.

As a dad I have been struggling to comprehend it. But as mentioned to do what he did he must have been in some pain that is so incomprehensible for the rest of us to understand which is gutting. Just so f**ken sad - he looked so stoked to be back at Shark park. Can't believe it. I saw Dykes got interviewed about the emotions of the last week with his son now this but I couldn't listen to it. I saw Fitz couldn't talk yesterday as he was so gutted from their time together at the Chooks. I keep trying to think of things like concussions or the stress of being a parent after reading about he was upset selling the family home but we can never get it. The thing that gets me is if he saw the effect this has had on everyone I think he wouldn't get it either. Tell your mates you love them.

I'd love to see a Paul Green cup between the Sharks and Cowboys with money being raised for mens mental health programs. I bought one of those Livin hoodies a few years ago and even one of my mates who didn't know Liven read the hoodie and made a joke about "it ain't weak to speak" written on it. We have so far to go still.

Last bit of my ramble - every chance we play the Cowboys in the finals.