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News Paul Kent charged with domestic violence offences, found not guilty


Thanks Ray I'm in the winning Storms dressing room where I speak to the winning gloating coach Bellyache, How do you feel about tonight's win? how the f**k didn't you know that your organisations where in the boating business lol?
I think he would say you are using ancient material, and he would ask if Flanagan is still involved in peptides

Brick Tamland


Graveyard shift: Kent works at funeral home while waiting for court return​

ByDanny Weidler

September 10, 2023 — 5.30am

Fox Sports personality and Daily Telegraph columnist Paul Kent has found a new line of work with a funeral home as News Corp considers whether he will be replaced as a full-time TV host. There is no official word on Kent’s future as he prepares to return to court in December, but Gorden Tallis has filled the void well so far.
Kent was one of the loudest and most divisive media figures in the NRL, but he has been close to invisible since being charged with two domestic violence-related offences in May after a 33-year-old woman alleged she had been choked at a home in the inner west.
Outside the courtroom where he pleaded not guilty to the charges, Kent said it was his turn to be part of the rugby league circus. By anyone’s standards, that was an interesting choice of words.
He is now working in one of the most sensitive jobs at Mannings Funerals in Rozelle. I contacted the funeral home during the week and it confirmed Kent was working as a part-time limousine driver.

Funeral director Michael Manning, from Mannings Funerals, said: “He’s been down a few times to work with us. If he wants a job full-time I’d have no problem with that.
“He said he has an interest in the funeral business and I’d show him the ropes. He told me he wants to write a book about the funeral business and I’d help him out with that for sure. And if he needs more work, I’d help with that, too.”

I tried to contact Kent for comment. I have not had a reply.
The rugby league media and, in particular, News Corp have been heavily criticised by the public for being too lenient in their coverage of Kent with comparisons being made to the reporting on NRL players facing similar charges.

Fox Sports will need to decide on its next step. If Kent is found not guilty, can he still sit on a panel and judge others, as has been his role?
The feeling is that is unlikely. He certainly could talk about football, but would struggle with commentary about behaviour or culture.


It says he is planning a book on the funeral industry?
I assume (correct me) that he’d be on paid leave while the legal process rolls on as he isn’t guilty as yet, just charged.

I suppose it’s an ideal time to research a book now his normal duties are reduced, and not scrambling (I expect) for a crust.

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