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News Paul Kent incidents - domestic abuse charges dismissed, street fight

Plenty bagging Kent ( and rightfully so ) he and his merry band of dirt digging mud slinging scum on FOX deserve all the bad Karma that comes their way.

The truth is that a large % love watching his diatribe, enthralled by the vitriol he spews. The public get's what the public wants, and the ratings must show that the public is more interested in negative feeding scum than they are in positive feel good news.

Last Week

Versus an anonymous accusation against an innocent man that totally obliterates his reputation, his career and ability to work, his relationships with loved ones and strangers alike, not to mention the possibly irreparable damage to his mental well-being.

If you are going to accuse anyone of anything be prepared to put your name to it.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Who hurt you?