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Paul Maurice Fired - Here are my thoughts

So how do you people feel about Paul Maurice being fired today?
Personally I do not agree with the firing
After all the way I interpret everything the Maple Leafs are going
to clear house of all the older guys, except maybe Sundin; and make
trades for draft pics, and in last option buyout these older players
contracts. In a nutshell they are going to start from scratch and
rebuild in a 5 year plan when all the draft pics develop
So why fire Maurice? Dont make sense to me
They should have let the new General Manager when he comes,
decide the fate of Maurice
Personally I like Maurice, will miss the trap system he implemented
at half season. On the other hand I do not like how he has treated
the back up goalies the last 2 years. For one the lack of playing
time is sole reason for the Mediocrity of both Aubin and Raycroft.
This mishandling of backup goalies had to stop.
I really dont think Maurice will be missed too much
other Maurice mistakes include over playing players
which resulted in injuries.Examples include groin
injuries to Sundin, Raycroft and Toscala.
also when I new GM is inplace he must add more grit,
the lack of grit I feel is responsible for injuries aswell.
A number of the older Leaf defenceman have to go
I feel Leafs had 3 defence who were defensive liabilities
to Leafs such as McCabe, Kubina and the departed
Hal Gill.
Best Regards
Michael Grant
P.S. I think they should hire Greg Gilbert as Leaf Coach
the present coach of the Toronto Marlies


I think the idea was to do Maurice a favor, let him look for another job while some are open.

They are not going to promote the Marlies' coach. They will get a high profile GM and coach. Not saying it will work out, but I'm sure it's what they'll do.