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Penrith v Souths semi final


First Grade
Awful discipline and half the team looked gassed for most of the game. Another embarrassing performance in a big game.


Good work by Souths.

Our defence was good.

Like the Storm showed in the GF just tackle Kikau and we have NFI.

Luai, Burton and Capewell were all pathetic.

TPJ is the biggest downhill skier in the NRL and if others were fit shouldn't play.
In summary:

We have coached the off-loads and off-the-cuff play out of the side, which has been fine, because we have relied on ur forwards and To'o rolling over the opposition to give us possession and many shots at scoring. What we saw tonight was a team with no idea how to play a little bit differently to put off a committed defensive line when our forwards weren't doing the job.

Also, perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea to rest half the team in meaningless last round games? Souths were way fresher than us, and so were the Storm last night.


First Grade
Plain and simple poor coaching tactics killed us .we put up bombs all night no matter where we where on the feild .lets not forget we also played all our players last round only team to do so


Imagine if you'd talked Staines and Burton up all year. Talked Crichton up at fullback. Talked down Momo and Edwards. Like you'd just disappear wouldn't you? You'd just slink the f**k away into nothing so no-one would ever have to read your shit dribble again.

Edwards comes back we'll be ok, Leota is pretty necessary too.

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