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Penrith Without Cleary


First Grade
Its finally happened. Nathan Cleary is now Mr Irreplaceable. What are our chances of premiership success in 2021 and beyond without him?

I still think we have don't have a clear picture of how the side plays like without him yet. No Edwards last night. And we also didn't play one of the games best back up halves in his preferred position. The Burton/Luai combination must be allowed to develop if we want to be in the hunt without Cleary...Tyrone May at 7 just can't be plan B when you have Burton.

Upcoming games:

Warriors (Away)
Broncos (Home)
Storm (Away)
Roosters (Away)

The only obvious loss there is to the Storm. I still think we have enough to get the Roosters if he still isn't fit to play.


I haven't been able to watch the lower grades, for a variety of reasons. Are there any stand out halves there, that the club can develop as coverage for Luai and Cleary, for next year?


First Grade
Let’s hope the Penrith medical staff step up and rule him out before Fittler gets a say luia


First Grade
As far as we know Nathan's coming back a few weeks before the finals. Everyone loves to constantly tip whose going to win or make the grand final round after round 'as things stand' but in reality it's a long way off and the how things stand can change very quickly. Now Jarome has an injury concern too and we have to see how that pans out. It's a no brainer that we need our best players fit and firing to win the comp because pretty much no team wins comps with their most vital players out in the finals. I'm just happy that it's early July and we're odds on already to make the top 4.


First Grade
Cronk couldn't believe it on the post game show.
That's because Ivan Cleary is an NRL coach with 370 odd games experience and Cronk is just an ex-player who is now a talking head on TV. If Cronk ever coaches at NRL level he might come to understand the value of keeping team disruptions as minimal as possible.

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