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Phil Gould reveals his 'lack of review' into Dragons after coach sacked


How would you feel as a club when you deceive your fans with lies after lies after lies.

Some supporters spend there hard earned on buying season passes memorabilia and club jerseys thinking they are part of a club they love. As I do. Then to get told we were outright lied to and not even an apology from anyone within the club about delivering us a lie is disgraceful.

How they look at the supporters who outside of Liverpool FC show so much passion and lie is beyond belief.

I never would throw my jersey that old Clint Bennet signed for me after 2010 but I came close today after witnessing the guy from the broncos who like most in these times has spent a fair chunk of his and families monies thinking the people in charge have the best intentions for the club and it’s supporters


I just got to this... I cannot believe it!

Best case, he misled everyone so as to not embarrass his mate Mary and the Board/CEO.
Clearly respect drops further for all involved...
I used to respect the achievements of Gould and he always spoke of fond memories watching the Dragons from the hill at Kogarah Oval on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Gould did do an amazing amount of good work in saving and then building the Panthers club.

But like with many people, there good work in life is history and does not get forgiven for the bad they do later on in life. Gould got too big for his boots and his decipt will never be forgiven by the Dragon's fans who suffered under May for far too long.

Gould's latest rant about Griffin can not be taken seriously as he had a heavily publicised dispute with Griffin and was responsible for terminating his appointment as head coach of the Panthers even Griffin had taken the team into finals contention. Gould had also sacked Cleary who this season has the Panthers leading the competition.

Gould's new appointment at the Warriors should disqualify him from commenting on the deliberations of other clubs, but no, this now deranged man knows no boundaries these days.

In my opinion both Wane and Griffin are suitable to be selected as our next head coach. I hope the Board has learned from the past and give the new coach the opportunity to hire his own staff.


Why I'm as shocked as every single Dragons fan that the whole thing like Mary "motivational" pre season junket was a complete & utter load of bollocks.

Look at how shocked we all are.



First Grade
As if we ever needed any more evidence that Gould is just a wise-after-the-fact fraud. I bet he took the money for this review he supposedly didn't conduct.


“ Well I did slip my old mate a fiver , but he had the audacity to ask for dollars - not pounds , cheap sod ! “


Just imagine if we had a fair dinkum Board that wanted to address the problems at our Club and set in place measures to turn things around.

I mean Gould could have come to the Dragons as 'football manager' and then did the same with the Illawarra as he did for Penrith pathways scheme. He could have sacked Mary in the same way he sacked Cleary and Griffin. He also could have gotten rid of Millward and Young.

Instead of being seen now as a fraud he could have built a reputation of being a great contributor to junior pathways.
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Old Timer

Gould is nothing more than an opportunist with an over inflated ego.

He loves to promote the ordinary so as he can be their father figure and guiding hand and if success comes to them he tells everyone they followed his guidance and if no success comes he then says how they didn't listen and follow his master plan.

He gets a set on those that self achieve despite his interference at clubs where he has been involved at and he loves to find a way to then destabilise and castigate that person.

The last thing he wants is Griffin to come to us and succeed as that will show how truly farcical the entire Mc Fookknuckle tenure and ongoing support really was.

He wants Furner or Young so he can be the "go to man" and sit back and orchestrate the media to believe what he wants them to believe.

No doubt he will be in the background talking to our board saying that Griffin is not the man for us because Gould can't work with him and he will tell them how much he wants to help us and they should now follow his directive.

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