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Discussion in 'Newcastle Knights' started by Noname36, Feb 18, 2018.

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    Thanks Noname....of all the things that that excite me about this season, the most important is the way all are showing buy in and the genuine belief in the coaching staff and playing group.

    There is not one point of division or differing opinion or individuality among anyone and that speaks volumes about how they are collectively gelling as a unit. Brown and the group he has brought together has clearly embedded a significant cultural shift in the Knights that is cultivating a great level of self belief but also a singular focus that will prove this group to be a champion team(not a team of champions) in the months and years ahead.

    As far fetched as it might seem to some to state this and I'm sure many will scoff, I can see the Knights becoming the NSW version of the Storm in terms of being a club of choice among players for many years to come and I credit Brown and those he has brought in, as well as those that had the foresight to appoint him and back him to deliver on his vision...
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    A positive from Pearce’s article is Brown and Mooney really selling the Newcastle lifestyle. Locals were always happy to play here, and older players with a young family were happy to get out of Sydney, but attracting marquee players and young talent was bit of a problem. They always preferred the night life of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

    I think players are finally starting to cotton on to what Novacastrians have known all along- it’s pretty hard to go past the Newcastle lifestyle. That can only be beneficial to our club and its recruitment and retention.
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    Yet Hagen spent years overpaying local players to stay, when deep down the players probably wanted to stay anyway. It's mind boggling.

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