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    The tiebreaking rules for the FFBRL, from the Official Rules in Getting Started:

    In the event that teams are level on points, the following criteria shall apply:
    - Points Difference
    - Points Scored
    - Head to head record

    So, the top seven, we will deal with here - since the top seven are known, and cannot be changed (but where each team in the top seven MAY change), we will ignore the race for eighth in this article.

    The ladder, after Round 25:


    Since New England Celtic has already clinched the Minor Premiership, we will start with the second placed side, and work our way down:

    Shenzen Sharktohs - at Sydney Vipers. The Chinese outfit leads Brisbane Bulls by two points for the second spot, but has an inferior points differential to the Bulls. A win or a draw is enough for second - a loss, and Brisbane can steal second. Shenzen cannot fall lower than third.

    Brisbane Bulls - hosting Grapes of Nanking, and are in third spot. They have a superior points differential to Mua Saints of 145 points, and are ahead of the Saints by two points, so it will take two miracles for the Bulls to drop to fourth. Since they need Sharkitohs to lose to have any chance at second, third place is the likeliest, second is quite possible, and very unlikely fourth. They cannot drop below fourth.

    Mua Saints - hosting Raymond Terrace Tanks, in fourth, superior points differential to Sydney Vipers by 73 points, and ahead of the Vipers by two points in the ladders. Unless massive miracles happen in Mua AND Brisbane, Mua will be fourth - they theoretically could be third or fifth, but two miracles each will be required for either.

    Sydney Vipers - hosting Shenzen Sharkitohs. Can they pip fourth? Two miracles required, so probably not. Can they fall to sixth? Quite possibly, see below. Can they fall any lower than sixth? Not a chance.

    Grapes of Nanking - at Brisbane Bulls. They are in sixth, two points behind Vipers, and four points ahead in differential over Sydney. If they tie Sydney in points, they will cop fifth, guaranteed. If they draw, sixth is guaranteed. And if they lose? See below...

    Ponte Preta Billy Goats - first game at their home, in Guarani, Brasil, at Estádio Moisés Lucarelli, hosting the Minor Premiers, New England Celtic. IF the Billy Goats can beat the Minor Premiers, AND Grapes of Nanking fall in Brisbane, Ponte Preta WILL cop sixth, and host Grapes of Nanking in the playoffs. If both things do not happen, Ponte Preta will go to either Nanking or Sydney to start the playoffs, in seventh seed position.

    Punters - use the information presented here, and in other articles, wisely ;-)

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