Please explain why Jeff Finger gets $14 million four year contract!

Discussion in 'LWOS' started by Torontomapleleafsmg1, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Ok folks the July 1st Free Agents Frenzy went as expected.
    I will only comment on the Toronto Maple Leafs signings.
    I agree with the Niklas Hagman signing - 12 million 4 year deal.
    Seems fair to me as he is somewhat of an adequate offensive
    player. Here are his stats last year with the Dallas Stars:
    27 goals, 14 assists, 41 points.
    I think the Curtis Joseph signing is a Status Quo signing.
    I am willing to forgive Cujo for his comments he made
    about the Toronto Maple Leafs when he left to go to
    Detroit to chase a Stanley Cup. Why? He didn't win
    a Stanley cup and ended up for years in what I consider
    the purgatory of Hockey; the Phoenix Coyottes. His
    wins there was so pathetic that it almost ended his
    career. I think he has paid penances for his crimes.
    We saw that he is still a quality goalie with his time
    last year with Calgary. So lets forgive Cujo, he is
    a perfect goalie to back up Vesa Toskala this year,
    plus it is a one year contract.
    What about Jeff Finger? Is this for real? 4 year 14 million
    contract? Is Cliff Fletcher going Senile? Or does he have
    some sort of magical vision like a magician pulling a
    rabbit out of a hat. I listened to the panel on TSN criticize
    the Maple Leafs for the Jeff Finger signing, and on the
    Sports Round Table I listened to the Jokes about Hagman
    and Finger leading the Leafs to the promise land.
    Seems the search engines are being flooded with "Finger"
    jokes and folks we are in for 4 years of "Finger" jokes.
    Don't get me wrong I think Jeff Finger is a good defenceman
    for here are his stats: age 29, GP 94, G 9, A 15, Points 24.
    Selected by Colorado Avalanche round 8 #240 overall.
    Previously he earned the league-minimum salary of $475,000
    last season. So people why is he getting a raise from
    $475,000 to $3.5 Million? I think he is a good defenceman
    but definitely has of yet to earn that raise.
    Besides I thought the Maple Leafs were in rebuilding mode
    and now they are signing some older players Jamal Mayers,
    Niklas Hagman and Jeff Finger. If it was upto me the Maple
    Leafs would have done no signing and completely rebuild
    through the draft, take their lumps for four years then have
    a run at Lord Stanley in four years. I dont see the point in
    signing older free agents. I would just totally build through
    prospects in their farm system and draft pics.
    Just my insites
    Best Regards
    Michael Grant

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