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In my opinion the Dragon's spine should be filled with SOO grade players, or players close to that level. At the moment we only have Hunt and it remains to be seen if you will get selected.

Vaughan is one player that can win back an SOO spot but that is it right now. So the focus in recruiting for a spine position should be the potential to play SOO.

Ponga is the only fullback rumoured to be on the move even though he is still contracted to the Knights. We should be in their trying to win his signature.

B Smith is a top grade hooker only held back because he was playing behind C Smith at the Storm.

So for me a spine of Ponga, Sullivan, Hunt and B Smith is about as close to the best we can hope for right now.

Ponga is not rumoured to be on the move. He have another year plus 2 more in his favour at the Knights. His family live in Newcastle and they actually get crowds to their games, unlike us. They love him up there.