Poor Bulls...visiting Morumbi, kissing defeat (or a macaca?!)

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    We're here at Morumbi, and apparently about ten thousand Aussies came from Brisbane to watch their Bulls take on the host Billy Goats...

    ...ten thousand Aussies drinking enough beer for thirty thousand normal Brazilians...

    ...however, the fifty thousand Brazilians in the stadium aren't ordinary Brazilians...they are league Brazilians, and the beer distributors in Sao Paulo have had to pay their delivery drivers double overtime to keep up...

    ...and whilst they wait for their sides to come to play under the Southern Cross, we're watching the finals of a four-way round robin between the youth girls' sides of Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, and Argentina end a wonderful week of rugby here in Sao Paulo and Campinas...

    ...right now, at the half, Australia leads 18-16...and more later about the tournament...

    ...and the poor Bulls, thinking that they're going to kiss the vavavoomilicious Goddess of Victory...sorry, Brisbane, you're kissing someone else tonight :) PontePretaSaoPaulo.jpg

    (Cutie pie was thinking of me! :rolleyes:)

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