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Preliminary Final - Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles: Friday 24th September 7:50pm @Suncorp Stadium


My favourite moments would be the Cookie to Cody magic play. A Manly player took Cody out after he passed it winded him I think and then as the ball next play as tapped back Cookie saw Cody getting up and then came Cody sprinting and Cookie with a perfect kick of that doesn’t get you jumping up and down I don’t know what will. What a play from the both of them and stepping up for us.

Also both of Jaxson tries were awesome the try to get us to 22-0 in the corner with all our supporters in that corner and Jaxson fist pumping to the crowd geez I wish I was there.

Then finally we scored a try off a pin point Reyno high ball which as we know doesn’t happen to us often what a take it was by Jaxson and he had the instinct to know if he stopped to turn he may not have scored so he ran backwards I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A TRY AS THAT it was truly a try that deserves a massive round of applause and praise!

And the Ta‘affe try assists on the big stage were massive plays for us just absolutely massive those 2 assists.

I also loved Reyno digging into the line dragging in defenders then passing to Campbell to set up that second Jaxson try to get to 22-0.

Most of all it was our pack that really stood up. Murray was just insanely brilliant like man oh man he just gets it done he does not stop for a second. What a player he’s inspirational to the whole team I just love him.

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