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Preliminary Final - Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles: Friday 24th September 7:50pm @Suncorp Stadium


Callmack I love your review but just on Paulo I don’t think it was his fault those tries as our inside spacing wasn’t as sharp as against Penrith. We need to remember due to Reyno groin injury Campbell was standing closer to Reyno to cover him due to Reyno having restricted lateral movement with the injury and this meant there was some space on the outside.

I am sure the 9 days rest will be good for Reyno and I’m sure Wayne knows we need to be better down that edge come next Sunday.


The change room song is different isn’t it?
Yes @callmack1 might fully know the words......

I know some of it

Now that we’re all around the bar
And the captains declared it’s a quorum
And we are drinking our way through he night
And we are having the time of our lives
Throw the empties away
Start again start again start again
For the boys of South Sydney are forever
And we will drink until dawns break
And long may the sessions of South Sydney last forever

That might be it.


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From Sporting News,

South Sydney Rabbitohs veteran Benji Marshall ready for likely farewell in Grand Final 16 years in the making

It's been 16 years since NRL legend Benji Marshall has played in a grand final - and it looks like next Sunday's game will be his last.

The 36-year-old looked destined for retirement earlier this year, with the Tigers letting him go and a potential deal with Canterbury falling through.

But seemingly out of the blue, Marshall was given a lifeline by South Sydney Rabbitohs coach Wayne Bennett and has gone on to feature in the majority of their games this year as a bench utility.

He has helped them to a grand final next weekend with a win over Manly in the prelim final, breaking a three-year curse at Redfern in grand final qualifiers.

Speaking to the media after the game, Bennett was asked about the influence of Marshall and whether he would hang up the boots after the grand final.

“I think so – he doesn’t want a fuss about it. You can’t retire in a better moment in your football career than a grand final and he’s there," he said.

“The thing I like about Benji, he rang me up and said the deal has fallen through and I’d love to come to South Sydney. I went to Adam and Cody because I didn’t want them to think I was undermining them, and they wanted him to come.

"I rang him back and said yes, and I said what do you want to come to South Sydney for? He said I think you can win me a premiership and I want to go out on a good note. I said okay mate, I’ll make you a No.14 and every week that’s my guarantee to you.

"He’s great around the young players and giving them advice."

Marshall is a veteran of over 340 games, with stints at the Tigers, Dragons and Broncos coming before his move to South Sydney.

Speaking on Triple M on Saturday, the Kiwi international said he was enjoying his time at the Rabbitohs and didn't confirm or deny the suggestions he would retire.

“I said to him if you retire, I’ll retire. Is he retiring?" he said on Bennett's comments.

“I was actually going to retire before that phone call. My wife said to me why don’t you just give Wayne a call – I didn’t want to do that to him. I know he feels sorry for me and would just give me a gig because he feels sorry for me. She goes who cares, ring him then and if nothing happens there, we’ll let it go.

"Wayne just said it sounds great, he’s got something in mind and said just let me ring my senior players. Sure enough, an hour later he rang me back and said he’d spoken to Reyno and Cody, and they are so keen to have you.

"He’s actually made a new position that I don’t think a lot of teams are using this year – that player just comes on in the middle of the field like an extra ball-player. I’ve really enjoyed it."

Marshall has been credited as one of the most influential players in history, with his fancy footwork and flick passes inspiring a generation of kids.

Asked whether he knew the legacy he would leave behind once he does retire, Marshall admitted he gets 'embarrassed' by the talk but is glad he could make an impact.

“I can see it, people say it – but sometimes I get a bit embarrassed because I am still playing," he said.

“I haven’t been in this arena for 16 years, so it’s pretty exciting times.

"Growing up as a kid, all I ever wanted to do was play for my country and play sport for a living. To be able to do that and then along the way, inspire kids or make people believe they can achieve their goals, to me that is special. It can show people from anywhere that they can make it.

“Sometimes you forget the amount of people riding the wave with you, you forget how many people are invested in your career. Last night was a nice reminder of all the people that have been around me.

"My journey has taken a few different turns throughout the 19 years I’ve been in first grade – it has been a long time since I’ve played in a grand final. I’ve played in three prelims between then and lost all of them, and it’s been tough.

"Now it’s one more to go, and I don’t want to keep reflecting on all these things and forget about the job that’s ahead. We’ve only made the grand final, we haven’t won it."

Cheap Charlie

The pair recently flew out of Australia on Crowe’s private jet bound for Thailand where they’re currently doing two weeks quarantine before the Hollywood actor begins filming a new movie in Bangkok.

While Burgess is currently winning back huge public support for his efforts on Channel 7’s SAS Australia, in Thailand the South Sydney enforcer will be assuming the role of Crowe’s personal bodyguard.
So Rusty and big Sam will be here in BKK for the GF? A bloke ought to invite them to join a bunch of reprobates watching it on the big screens in one of the usual speakeasies over a few COVID-banned coffee mug beers. But I reckon they'd have something a little more ritzy (and less likely to be raided by plod) in mind.

Glory Glory.


Well sitting from home I am just watching the replay back and in the first 25mins I have heard a few loud South Sydney chants. Our faithful sure sounded vocal and I’m certain it helped the boys!

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