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Queensland Maroons 2023


New South Wales 24 def. Queensland 10 (David Fifita, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow tries; Valentine Holmes 1/2 goals)


A disappointing end to the series for the Maroons. They struggled to generate momentum through the middle and they sorely missed Reece Walsh and Kalyn Ponga on the sweep plays. Brimson returning from injury had a forgettable performance but he was in good company with Valentine Holmes and Harry Grant producing some of their worst footy in this arena.

It'll be interesting to hear why Slater kept Fifita off the field for so long. Dave wasn't having a particularly great game, but chasing points you would have expected him to come on sooner.

The Blues definitely played their best brand of footy and the Maroons couldn't handle their shifts nor their ruck control.

Still, the Maroons will get to lift the shield off the back of one of the greatest never say die houdini efforts. There's still plenty of talent emerging and it does set the stage for another thrilling chapter in Australia's greatest rivalry.

Yes I guess the first shot over the QLD bows was the Walker-Martin no-try in the 3d minute or so.

NSW had "come to play".

Although QLD then scored on their first visit, the vulnerability of our right side soon became apparent with JAC being released on several occasions with a certainty and crispness to NSW's ball movement not previously evident.

Although games "in two halves" certainly do happen, it just shows - especially at the top end of the game - just hw razor-thin the difference is between performing like Mr. Universe versus Pee Wee Herman, with QLD looking just that half-second or so out-of-sync.

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