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Raiders game.


We have had enough ball and position to win this game. Our attack close to the line is pathetic.


On this 1st half alone I've been really impressed by a few players who have been in the firing line.

Ramsey - this time last year he'd be carried back over our try line on every run on a wet day like this. Popping up everywhere, really involved.

Amone - showing more of the running game we need. makes some poor decisions but lots a lot more involved and was on the spot for the try because of this.

McCullough - I am his number one anti-fan but these conditions have suited him and defence always solid

Nice that Suli is starting to turn his runs into points because to state the obvious we need that going forward.

Disgusting conditions. Want another competitive 40 minutes from the boys. Well done Dragons.

Give Ramsey and McCullough a rap and this is how they turn up in the second half. Back to their match losing best.

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