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Raiders game.


Assistant Moderator
That’s a loop hole that the dragons exploited. It’s a shit rule.
Just as teams have exploited rules throughout the decades. Hunt did well.
Re 'shit rule ' - in my opinion it sometimes is. My issue with the six again rule is that it can be too arbitrary - ref decides player was held down too long for example. But in tonight's game, Hunt was accused of not standing square, and this was deemed to be a cut-and-dried ruck infringement. So the six again rule was applied. Ref had no choice.


What's the go with us? In the game against Souths we lead 32 nil before half time and then score zero in the second half. In today's game we lead 12-4 before half time and can't score in the second again. What is wrong with our attack in the second half?

Today's conditions didn't help I know. We had lots of chances but couldn't get through. Anyway, it was a good win under the circumstances.

I'm waiting for Jeffdragon to put up the next game's thread.
We have struggled to score in a half (1st or 2nd) all year, a complete performance is beyond us at the moment but we are showing grit and determination and that is what I have wanted to see for a long time. I gave us no chance of winning with Canberra having the hurricane at their backs and the conditions in the second half but we hung in there, yes Canberra made some mistakes but I will take a lot as forced from our defence and determination. We still have a long way to go but we are definately heading in the right direction. One happy supporter !


A tough gritty win and I didn’t think we had a sufficient lead in the 1st half. Well done to our team for an outstanding defensive effort in the 2nd half.
I thought Cody Ramsay deserves a wrap and not a bagging as he was extremely courageous in horrendous conditions.
Well done young man and another brilliant game from our Captain .
Surely Hunt then daylight 2nd for Dally M even at this sort of early stage


Sucked in Raiders....how many high shots did they get away...grubby pricks all game......Wighton contributed to a lot of the rubbish out there today......The ref could have pinged these blokes at least a dozen times imo.....it wasnt a pretty win by us by any stretch but its always good when you beat grubby tactics
Well old mate 2 games we won which I thought we wouldn't , heart attack stuff today but , just but maybe its coming together ..... Last couple of years would have lost this game ......

Black Panther

Ramsey was under the high ball a number of times and he did a good job. He returned the ball well and was good in cover defence.

Sticky probably knows the six again rule regarding ruck infringements. Ben Hunt certainly did.

As for the game... never in doubt.
All he had to do is drop the ball. A penalty would’ve been given.


Did we change our defensive coaches recently ? 3 and 4 in the tackle, wrapping up the ball, desperation and working together, great spread on our line leaving barely any holes, what's going on ? Best defensive effort in ages !
Gutsy win in atrocious conditions but that's what our winter sport is all about, great to watch.
So, who were the guys up on the hill near the wind sock - was it anyone on here ? Pretty funny.

Last year when Ramsey was dropping everything I noticed his habit of taking his eyes off the ball at the last second, I thought he'd fixed that but it's back. Top marks though to him for that one on one try saver near the line - the one that was wrongly penalized for a high shot, it wasn't - hand on the shoulder and arm across the upper chest, no contact with the neck or head. The penalty that Rapana milked as well was a bs high shot call.

Question - did McCullough not score because I thought it hit the grass initially ? If Savage scored then so did McCullough.

Well done boys, I'm really proud of that effort. A SOO weakened Broncos next week, looking forward to that.

dungay dragon

for once the dragons played the smarter footy and were really the better side in those conditions. showed some grit in defence when needed and also i think the ref had a pretty fair game, even though the raiders were complaining at the PC, all in all a deserved victory now onto Brisbane.
A courageous defensive effort today in horrendous conditions
Tariq outstanding , along with Hunt ,JDB and Ramsey
Attacked with our up and in line which forced numerous errors from the Raiders ..Sticky would be pissed with their 2nd half tactics , with hardly using the tornado they had at their backs ..
Now for the Broncs up here next sunday
Expecting the Dragon Army to out number the Brissy Mob at Suncorp


Atrocious conditions, I thought we did not use the wind to our advantage in 1st half with the kicking game.
But Raiders were worse using it. Both teams struggled in the 2nd half with errors as the conditions deteriorated. Some gritty defence,some luck and for once we got the rub of the green with the ref. Special call out to Ramsey who has played with heart as fullback, even with a few mistakes he did not go back into his shell. So my suggestion is just take the 2 points and be happy.


Assistant Moderator
To anyone still questioning the Hunt decision, I suggest you look at @Corner_Post 's post here:
Hunt was square. So the outrage seems to have been generated by dopey TV commentary.

I thought it was odd at the time because the tackled player playing the ball shifted left afterwards to make it look like Hunt wasn't square.

So if a penalty was given under the old rules, we would have been robbed. But we would have had to cop it on the chin.