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Rd 1 NSW Cup

Speedy Gonzales

Here’s a report from someone who was at the game

Doesn;t matter how bad you thought Brooks/ Mbye were in firsts - Madden/ Docker-Clay were worse in the reserves game. Madden was actually replaced with 10 or 15 to go.

Tuki Simpkins is well and truly ready for firsts and should replace garner immediately.
Tuki played (pretty sure) the first 50 minutes straight, came off for 15 and then played the last 15. Strong in defence, esp. front on and worked hard. He was playing 8 but would look good as an edge backrower I think - his lateral defence looked alright but as he was playing prop it wasn;t really a focus.

Simpkin (hooker) also played well.

Fitzgibbon and whoever his centre was are a million miles away from being ready for firsts.

No idea who Diaz is but he’s big and made a couple of hard runs, with fast leg speed, but then seemed to disappear.

Sounds like both Simpkins are NRL ready and it’s only a matter of time


I think Madden has been talked up for a while as a great white knight and because we've been dog shit in the halves people were salivating over him, Maybe we could have BJ of Luch come do and do opposed sessions for the young pups.

Have one of the guys call joey a fat over rated h$%o, whose stupidity cost Canberra a grand final (that should fire him up) and have him ready to run at them.
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Brooks will see out the year at 7. Even if he is not a long term solution we simply have no replacement. Madden is not ready for first grade.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a big play for a halfback off contract at some point this year. It will completely derail our season but that's just how it will be.

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