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Rd 18 Eels v Titans - early team list thread and game discussion


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While we will be favourites and should get the win, it’s going to be a tough game.

So many things happening for the team while the titans have an easy preparation.

Moses/Paulo in Origin camp and unsure if they will play

side unsure what’s happening with the relocation

first game of the round so really got a limited preparation. Will side even get much training in this week? Assuming the side relocates probably on Wednesday the players probably need Tuesday to sort their stuff out. It’s a pretty big change happening in a sort timeframe

so reckon any way we get the win is good enough this week. Get the win then settle into the new camp / routine

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Titans love a lot of points, both scoring and letting them in. Need to make sure our defence is top notch for this game. We need to contain Mo Fotuaika, top player.


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I dont expect Moses or Paulo to back up, especially not Moses. I wouldnt be risking his calves with 2 games in under 48 hours, just not worth the risk, especially given we have a short turn around into Canberra too. 3 games in 8 days for Mitch is too much and potentially risks our season long term if he picks up a tear.