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Rd.20 vs Gold Coast Titans 3,2,1


Post Whore
3. Edwards - strong for his whole game time.

2. Hayne - solid in the first half, spectacular in the second.

1. Hopoate - made one of the best try-saving tackles you'll ever see, diffused several bombs and was just class.


First Grade
Rd.20 vs Gold Coast Titans

3. Jarryd Hayne
2. Chris Sandow
1. Ken Edwards

Overall Standings

26. Jarryd Hayne
18. Chris Sandow
10. Manu Ma'u
9. Nathan Peats
6. David Gower
6. Junior Paulo
5. Corey Norman
5. Semi Radradra
4. William Hopoate
4. Ken Edwards
4. Tepai Moeora
4. Pauli Pauli
3. Isaac De Gois
3. Tim Mannah
1. Vai Toutai

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