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Rd.21 vs Brisbane Broncos 3,2,1


First Grade
Very hard tonight

3. Jennings - class when we needed it at both ends
2. Brown - his numbers are ridiculous, can't be ignored
1. - Bevo - safe all night and scored the sealer. I get the feeling he's holding back too... Come finals, he might show a new hand...

Ring Gids

3. The Chairman
2. Mitch Moses
1. Brown

That said, and as good as Brown has been, I do fear at times he is suffering from Gallen Syndrome by getting his hands onthe ball TOO much.


How do you even give points to that. Absolutely outstanding team performance.

3. Honestly if you were to judge Moses' defence purely off of games at our club, you would say he is one of the best defensive halves in the game. I don't need to mention his ball running and playing, its first class.
2. I saw him at the nines when we first signed him (and won the tournament) and King didn't impress me with some of his decision making. Since he has been called into grade he has looked pure class. Winning us penalties, crisp service, kicking game and general game nous. Very impressed.
1. I never thought Alvaro would be more than a fringe first grade prop, but i'm eating my words. He's getting 9m a hit-up regularly though it's his off the ball work that impresses me. His defence and little subtleties such as giving up his marker spot to another forward when he has every right not to, his kick chase, first up contact, kick pressure and support running is first class. I hope B.A is rapping him for the work he's done over the last month.

I could talk about others but i'll leave it at that.


3. Moses - did exactly what we needed to buy him for
2. Ma'u - high quality, 80 mins, as always
1. Brown - high workrate/energy, would've been for 80mins except for Taka

Honourable mentions to everyone - especially impressed with Jennings, King, Alvaro, Moeroa, Terepo, Semi, Auva'a, French....


First Grade
Seriously every player earned points tonight. Impossible choices.
3. Moeroa. So tough. Does much of the hard stuff.
2. Taka. So Ricky dosent rate you. Well we do. Fu*k the Tiny Toad.
1. King. Has improved our Fake work heaps.


Post Whore
Going to be tough, but imo:

3 - Manu Ma'u: beast
1- Timmy Mannah: defensively a rock, as always, but his runs were brilliant
2 - Semi Radradra: worked tirelessly all night

All 17 players deserve points, though. Awesome effort.
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3 Moses. At 12 -0 He put us in game. He set up Auavau game winning try and kicked the goal to ice it.

2 Taka His attitude and way he fires team mates. Charged hard all game.Set up semi a few times.

1 Alvaro. Thought his tackling was brilliant tonight. Few times a line break was on and he just got there.

Everyone was good tonight. KE,Manu Brown,Bevan,Norman,Jennings unlucky

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